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APS 700 Series Floc Log®

Polyacrylamide Erosion Control Applicator Log

APS 700 Series Floc Log® is a group of soil specific tailored log-blocks that contains blends of water treatment components and polyacrylamide co-polymer for water clarification and erosion control. They reduce and prevent fine particles and colloidal clays from suspension in stormwater. There are more than 60 types of Floc Logs designed for varying soil and water conditions.

Primary Applications

  • Mine Tailings and Waste Pile ditches
  • Newly cleared Construction or Building Sites drainage
  • Road and Highway construction runoff ditches
  • Ditch placement for all forms of highly turbid waters
  • Dredging operations

Features and Benefits

  • Removes solubilized soils and clay from water
  • Prevents colloidal solutions in water within ditch systems
  • Binds cationic metals within water, reducing solubilization
  • Reduces pesticide and fertilizer loss during rain events from runoff
  • Increases soil permeability and water penetration to shallow plants in ditches
  • Reduces operational and cleanup costs
  • Reduces environmental risk and helps meet compliance

*APS 700 Series Floc Log is a Registered Trademark of Applied Polymer Systems