TerraTex® Wovens

TerraTex® woven geotextiles are designed to perform the following primary functions: separation, stabilization, and filtration.

  • TerraTex® woven geotextiles are designed to be used between subgrade and granular fill. They are available to meet various classifications of AASHTO M288.

  • Filtration products are typically monofilament in construction, which provides enhanced hydraulic performance, enabling water to flow in two directions with resistance to clogging in shoreline applications.

  • TerraTex® High Performance Stabilization Geotextiles (HPG) provide enhanced separation, filtration, and reinforcement functions for a wide range of soil conditions. The unique construction allows for high permittivity in wet subgrade conditions as well as increased frictional interaction with roadway base aggregate.

  • TerraTex® High Modulus (HM) geotextiles provide the best reinforcement strength, soil interaction, and durability for trafficked areas.