Hanes Geo stocks a variety of hydraulically applied mulches ranging from base to high-end engineered products depending on regional specifications. Contact your local sales representative for pricing and product availability.

  • Base Mulch

    Hanes Geo offers a full portfolio of hydraulically applied base mulches used for vegetation establishment. Most base products are composed of wood fibers, paper fibers or a combination of both and are typically applied on areas that are flat or only have slight gradation.

  • Engineered and Bonded Fiber Matrix

    Engineered Fiber Matrix (EFM) and Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) products have enhanced erosion control properties through the help of additives such as tackifiers. EFM/BFM products are commonly installed on steepened slopes of up to 1:1 where mechanical stresses are higher.

  • Flexible Growth Mediums

    Flexible Growth Mediums (FGM) are best suited for areas that need extended protection under extreme conditions. FGMs are known for their ability to establish vegetation quickly and protect slopes greater than 1:1.

  • Biotic Soil Media and Soil Amendments

    Biotic media is an engineered soil that is typically used in areas not suitable to sustain vegetation. This product is often used to replace topsoil and is made of biodegradable fibers, growth mediums, and other soil enhancing organic materials that improve the soil’s natural chemistry.

    Soil amendments are added to soil to modify or enhance the condition of the soil. The purpose of a soil amendment is to make the soil more suitable for vegetation.