Landscape Fabric

Hanes Geo’s professional series landscape fabrics prevent weed growth in flower beds, mulched areas, and playgrounds. They can also be used as a separation layer beneath gravel, stone, pavers, patios, and sidewalks.

Landscape Fabric Specifications
PropertyTest MethodEnglishUnit (Metric Unit)Pro SilverPro Silver PlusPro SteelPro Steel Plus
ColorObserved ()Gray (Gray)Gray (Gray)Black (Black)Black (Black)
Bond MethodObserved ()Thermal Flatbond (Thermal Flatbond)Thermal Flatbond (Thermal Flatbond)Thermal Flatbond (Thermal Flatbond)Thermal Flatbond (Thermal Flatbond)
Typical WeightASTM D-3776oz/sy (GSM)2.0 (70)2.7 (90)2.0 (70)2.7 (90)
Grab Tensile (MD)ASTM D-5034lbs (Kgs)60 (27)80 (36)60 (27)80 (36)
Grab Tensile (CD)ASTM D-5034lbs (Kgs)60 (27)80 (36)60 (27)80 (36)
Grab Elongation (CD)ASTM D-5034% (%)47 (47)47 (47)47 (47)47 (47)
Trapezoid TearASTM D-5733lbs (Kgs)29 (13)36 (16)29 (13)36 (16)
Flow Rate at 2% HeadASTM D-4491gpm/sf (lpm/sm)250 (10,186)250 (10,186)250 (10,186)250 (10,186)
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