ScourStop® Transition Mats

ScourStop® Transition Mats are an engineered, proven, bio-technical alternative to traditional hard-armor systems. ScourStop® Transition Mats are manufactured of a semi-rigid HDPE. When combined with soft-armor soil cover and deep-soil earth anchors, the ScourStop® system mechanically protects soil from severe scour and erosion. The ScourStop® system offers greater protection than vegetation alone or rip rap and is lab-tested and field-proven to protect against considerably higher shear stresses and velocities. ScourStop® Transition Mats provide a permanent, low-maintenance solution with immediate, day-one protection and impact resistance over highly erosive areas such as stormwater outfalls, curb outfalls, overflow structures, drainage channels, levees, and shorelines. ScourStop® Transition Mats conform to the property values listed below:

All values provided are intended for rapid comparison purposes, only. Please refer to a specific product’s Product Data Sheet (PDS) and the disclaimers therein for a detailed listing of all characteristics, associated definitions and values needed for structure design, specification compliance review and product submittal purposes. Please Download PDS for all information transfer, printing and submittal purposes.

Property Test Method English Metric


Mass/Unit Area
ASTM D6566 0.942 lbs/ft2 4.599 kg/m2
ASTM D6525 0.463 in 11.735 mm
Wide Width Tensile Strength
ASTM D4595 3,053 lbs/ft 4.139 kN/m
Percent Open Area
Calculated 50 % 50 %
UV Stability
ASTM D4355 87 % 87 %
Manning's n
Calculated 0.039 0.039
Culvert Outfall Test Exit Velocity Discharge
Prototype 16 ft/sec 4.877 m/sec
Velocity Day 1 Performance Fully Vegetated
Flume Testing ASTM D6460 19 ft/sec 5.791 m/sec
Shear Day 1 Performance Fully Vegetated
Flume Testing ASTM D6460 13 lbs/ft2 63.472 kg/m2