TerraDrain® Sheet 100/2

TerraDrain® Sheet 100/2 prefabricated drains are constructed using a perforated, high strength, high flow capacity, formed polystyrene drainage core with a nonwoven filter fabric bonded to both sides. The filter fabric prevents soil intrusion into the flow channels while allowing water to freely enter the drain core from both sides.

TerraDrain® Sheet 100/2 products are designed for subsurface, double-sided drainage applications requiring a high compressive strength and flow capacity. TerraDrain® Sheet 100/2 is available with filter fabrics meeting AASHTO M 288-06 specifications.

All values provided are intended for rapid comparison purposes, only. Please refer to a specific product’s Product Data Sheet (PDS) and the disclaimers therein for a detailed listing of all characteristics, associated definitions and values needed for structure design, specification compliance review and product submittal purposes. Please Download PDS for all information transfer, printing and submittal purposes.

Property Test Method English Metric


Material 1
Water Flow Rate
ASTM D4491 190 gpm/ft2 7743 Lpm/m2
Grab Tensile Strength
ASTM D4632 90 lbs 0.400 kN
CBR Puncture Resistance
ASTM D6241 225 lbs 1.00 kN
Apparent Opening Size
ASTM D4571 50 US Std. Sieve 0.297 mm
ASTM D4491 2.8 sec-1 2.8 sec-1
Grab Elongation
ASTM D4632 65 % 65 %
UV Resistance
ASTM D4355 70 % @ 500 hrs 70 % @ 500 hrs


Material 1
ASTM D1777 0.44 in 11 mm
Compressive Strength
ASTM D1621 15000 lbs/ft2 732 kPa
Flow Rate 2
ASTM D4716 21 gpm/ft 261 Lpm/m

  • 1   PP = Polypropylene; HIPS = High Impact Polystyrene
  • 2   In-plane flow rate measured at 3,600 psf (172 kPa) compressive load and a hydraulic gradient of 1.0.