Uniaxial_InUse_1 Uniaxial-slope
Uniaxial_InUse_1 Uniaxial-slope

TerraGrid® U-200

TerraGrid® U-200 is a geogrid reinforcement for soil, manufactured with high molecular weight/high tenacity polyester yarns utilizing a complex knitting process and low temperature coating technology to provide superior engineering properties. The yarns are knitted into a dimensionally stable, uniform network of apertures providing significant tensile capacity. This polyester geogrid is engineered to be both mechanically and chemically durable, in both the harsh construction installation phase and aggressive soil environments (pH range from 3-9). A UV stabilized coating provides further chemical and mechanical benefits.

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Property Test Method Symbol English Metric

Tensile Properties

Ultimate Strength
ASTM D6637 Tult 3,600 lbs/ft 52.5 kN/m
Creep Limited Strength
ASTM D5262/D6992 TI 2,323 lbs/ft 33.9 kN/m