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TerraCell® 280

TerraCell® 280 is a perforated, textured geocell manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to the following minimum standards:

TerraCell® 280 sections are manufactured from 58 strips of HDPE; each of appropriate height by 142 inches (3.6m) long. Typical panels are 29 cells long and 5 cells wide.
Cell walls are textured with a multitude of rhomboidal indentations with a surface density of 22 to 31 per cm2 (140 to 200 per in2). Perforations remove 16% ± 3% of the cell wall. Cell joints are ultrasonically spot-welded with 3 welds per inch uniformly spaced across the height of each strip. Seam strengths are the same across the entire height of the cell joint and meet the minimum tensile requirements below:

Seam Hang Strength
Seam Hang Strength – A 102 mm (4.0 in.) weld joint supporting a load of 72.5 kg (160 lbs.) for 30 days minimum or a 102 mm (4.0 in.) weld joint supporting a load of 72.5 kg (160 lbs.) for 7 days minimum while undergoing temperature change from 23° C (74° F) to 54° C (130° F) on a 1 hour cycle.

TerraCell® 280, in expanded configuration, has nominal dimensions of 3, 4, 6 and 8 inch cell depths with an optimal width of 8.4 feet and optimal length of 45 feet. Optimal panel expanded area is 378 ft2 (35.14m2). Other panel lengths can be custom-made; panel length is simply a function of number of strips welded. Unexpanded spacing of weld joints is 28 inches. Optimal cell area is 20 inches by 18.7 inches nominal. Individual cell area is 187 square inches (1206 cm2) nominal.

Additional Information
The quality control system used in the manufacturing of TerraCell® is in compliance with ISO9001:2000 standards. TerraCell® is licensed from the United States Army under Patent No. 4,797,026. Please contact Hanes Geo Components, or a TerraCell® distributor for more information.

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Property Test Method English Metric


Nominal Sheet Thickness Before Texturing 1
ASTM D5199 50, +10%, -5% mils 1.270, +10%, -5% mm
Nominal Sheet Thickness After Texturing 1
ASTM D5199 60, +10%, -5% mils 1.524, +10%, -5% mm
ASTM D1505 0.540 - 0.558 oz/in3 0.935 - 0.965 g/cm3
Carbon Black Content
ASTM D1603 1.5 % 1.5 %
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance
ASTM D1693 6000 hours 6000 hours
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance
ASTM D5397 >400 hours >400 hours


Seam Peel Strength 2
- -
8" Cell Depth (Nominal Panel Weight - 114 lbs)
640 lbs 2847 N
6" Cell Depth (Nominal Panel Weight - 86 lbs)
480 lbs 2135 N
4" Cell Depth (Nominal Panel Weight - 57 lbs)
320 lbs 1423 N
3" Cell Depth (Nominal Panel Weight - 43 lbs)
240 lbs 1068 N

  • 1   Mean of 10 measurements
  • 2   Seam Peel Strength per U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Technical Report GS-86-19, Appendix A