Poly Mesh Supported NTPEP

Supported NTPEP is a woven geotextile made up of polypropylene filaments. These filaments are woven to form a stable and durable network such that the filaments retain their relative position. It is non-biodegradable and resistant to most soil chemicals, acids, and alkali with a pH range of 3 to 12. Supported NTPEP is manufactured to meet or exceed the following minimum average roll values:

All values provided are intended for rapid comparison purposes, only. Please refer to a specific product’s Product Data Sheet (PDS) and the disclaimers therein for a detailed listing of all characteristics, associated definitions and values needed for structure design, specification compliance review and product submittal purposes. Please Download PDS for all information transfer, printing and submittal purposes.

Property Test Method English Metric


Grab Tensile
ASTM D4632 100 x 100 lbs 0.445 x 0.445 kN
ASTM D4632 15 x 20 % 15 x 20 %
Mullen Burst
ASTM D3786 250 psi 1723 kPa
ASTM D4833 50 lbs 0.223 kN
Trap Tear
ASTM D4533 50 lbs 0.223 kN
UV Resistance
ASTM D4355 80 % @ 500 hrs 80 % @ 500 hrs
ASTM D4751 20 - 50 US Std. Sieve 0.300 - 0.850 mm
ASTM D4491 0.10 sec-1 0.10 sec-1
Flow Rate
ASTM D4491 8 gpm/ft2 325.6 Lpm/m2

  • 1   Maximum Average Roll Value