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Hydromulch Products

Hanes Geo Components promotes a wide variety of hydraulic mulches: paper fiber, straw, wood/paper fiber blend, wood fiber, and special bonded fiber matrix blends. Many mulches are available with tackifier. Liquid tackifier and other additives/amendments are also available.

We promote the EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix (FM) technology. Earthguard® utilizes an extremely high molecular weight blend of chemistry, which results in its superior charge density and soil-stabilizing ability. It is designed to work directly with soil to maintain its stability by both preserving existing soil structure and flocculating the fine sediment being dislodged by stormwater or wind.

EarthGuard® is available in liquid form – in five gallon jugs. The liquid is added to standard mulches prior to installation. This allows the contractor to adjust application rates on a job-by-job or tank-by-tank basis.

The EarthGuard® chemistry is also available in bag form – in combination with a 100% wood fiber mulch.