Silt Fence – Product Comparison

Hanes Geo Components is a major manufacturer/supplier of all varieties of silt fence. We can provide the right product to meet your needs.

Preassembled Silt Fence
Manufactured to meet even the most stringent requirements. We utilize the appropriate fabric, stakes and stake spacing to give you the most cost-effective fence. We can provide special features such as draw string, lathe and support mesh (plastic or metal).

Silt Fence Components
Various kinds are available: fabric rolls, wire fence, hardware cloth, wire-backed fabric, chain-link “Super Silt Fence”, wood stakes, galvanized posts, T-posts, etc. Tie -wire, cable ties, hog rings and pliers are also available.

Custom Printing
We can customize your fence with company name, logo, phone number or website.

Installation: Dig a 6” deep trench along proposed fence line. Unroll prefabricated silt fence and pound stakes into trench. Stakes should be on the downhill or downstream side of fabric. Drape loose end of textile into trench. Backfill and compact soil on both sides.