Pavement products include a selection of nonwoven geotextiles that, together with proper asphaltic inclusion, offers water-penetration resistance, crack-reflection retardation, and pavement life extension for asphalt overlay applications. Separately, TerrraTex® N14E provides stress release between concrete layers. All listed geotextiles are composed of high-quality polypropylene resin. The overlay geotextiles include carbon black while TerraTex® N14E incorporates Hals (both inclusions inhibit UV degradation).

Metric Values

All values provided are intended for rapid comparison purposes, only. Please refer to a specific product’s Product Data Sheet (PDS) and the disclaimers therein for a detailed listing of all characteristics, associated definitions and values needed for structure design, specification compliance review and product submittal purposes. Please Download PDS for all information transfer, printing and submittal purposes.

Unless noted otherwise, all values are minimum average roll values (MARV).
Property Test Method Units TerraTex® OL TerraTex® OL-I TerraTex® OL-HD TerraTex® N14E Bond Breaker
Weight (Typical) 1
ASTM D5261 oz/yd2 3.8 4.2 4.6 13.3 - 16.2
Grab Tensile
ASTM D4632 lbs 90 102 120
Grab Elongation
ASTM D4632 % 50 50 50
Trapezoid Tear
ASTM D4533 lbs 35 45 50
CBR Puncture
ASTM D6241 lbs 275 300 325
Asphalt Retention
gal/yd2 0.20 0.20 0.27
Wide Width Tensile
ASTM D4595 lbs/ft 685
Wide Width Elongation
ASTM D4595 % 60
Thickness at 2 kPa
ASTM D5199 mils 120
Thickness at 20 kPa
ASTM D5199 mils 100
Thickness at 200 kPa
ASTM D5199 mils 40
Permeability at 20 kPa
ASTM D5493 m/s 0.0001
Hydraulic Conductivity at 20 kPa
ASTM D6543 m/s 0.0005
Hydraulic Conductivity at 200 kPa
ASTM D6543 m/s 0.0002
Melting Point
300 300 325
UV Resistance
ASTM D4355 % @ 500 hrs 70 70 70 70
Product Data Sheets

  • 1   At the time of manufacturing. Handling, storage, and shipping may change these properties.