TerraGrid® Uniaxial Geogrids – Woven/Coated

High molecular weight, high-tenacity multifilament polyester yarns comprise the tensile load members of Hanes’ TerraGrid® uniaxial geogrids. These yarns are woven into a dimensionally stable network then polyvinyl chloride-coated to protect against excessive U.V. exposure and installation damage stresses. TerraGrid® uniaxial geogrids are non-biodegradable and resistant to most soil chemicals, acids, and alkalis.

Metric Values

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Property Test Method Symbol Units TerraGrid® SR18 TerraGrid® 20 TerraGrid® 35 TerraGrid® 55 TerraGrid® 65 TerraGrid® 80 TerraGrid® 90 TerraGrid® 110 TerraGrid® 130 TerraGrid® 200 TerraGrid® 350

Tensile Properties

Ultimate Strength
ASTM D6637 Tult lbs/ft 1,700 x 1,400 2,025 3,600 5,000 6,200 7,550 9,000 10,300 14,500 20,560 27,600
Creep Limited Strength
ASTM D5262/D6992 TI lbs/ft 1,076 x 866 1,282 2,278 3,165 3,924 4,778 5,696 6,519 9,177 13,013 17,468
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