Logs, Wattles, and Filter Socks

Our Hanes Geo Components branches focus on providing the most appropriate products for our customers' part of the country. These sediment control products are effective on slopes, in channels, at inlets, and along perimeters. The appropriate product for a given application will be determined by the specific site conditions and environmental regulations.

Coir logs are made from coconut fibers. Since they are organic, strong, and long-lasting, they are particularly effective in stream bank stabilization applications. 

Excelsior logs are made from wood excelsior fibers. They are especially water permeable and flexible.

Straw lattles are made from straw fibers. Inexpensive, yet highly effective in many applications.

Filter socks may be filled with compost or other materials. They are typically available in pre-filled sections that ship on pallets.

Name brand products are available in select areas. We stock proprietary products from key manufacturing partners for check dams, inlet protection, etc.