About Us

In 2005, Hanes Companies, Inc., a division of Leggett & Platt, created the Hanes Geo Components division to service the geosynthetic and erosion control market in North America. Since then, Hanes Geo has rapidly expanded their distribution network through the acquisition of top regional distributors and by launching several new locations. Today, the Hanes Geo network includes 48 distribution centers fully stocked with geosynthetic, erosion control, and SWPPP materials relevant to each local market’s specifications.

Our History

    The 2000s

    February 2005

    Hanes Geo acquired Webtec in North Carolina and picked up the TerraTex® and TerraGrid® brand names.

    March – September 2005

    Hanes Geo rapidly expanded by opening offices in Mississippi, New Jersey, Indiana, Washington, and Arizona.

    October 2005

    Hanes Geo acquired IKEX and Jarex, adding more locations in North Carolina and entering the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida markets.

    February 2006

    Hanes Geo opened an additional warehouse in the Nashville, TN and Denver, CO markets.

    March 2006

    Hanes Geo acquired Attila Enterprises to service the California and Nevada markets.

    November 2006

    Hanes Geo enters the Texas market through acquiring Lone Star.

    February 2007

    Hanes Geo opened a warehouse in the Birmingham, AL market.

    August 2009

    Hanes Geo acquired ScourStop®.

    The 2010s

    June 2010

    Hanes Geo opened an office and warehouse in central Florida.

    August 2011

    Hanes Geo acquired Price & Company, adding two locations in Michigan to its network.

    Hanes Geo expanded to Oklahoma City.

    May 2012

    Hanes Geo entered the Salt Lake City, UT market by opening a warehouse.

    July 2012

    Hanes Geo acquired CSI Geosynthetics located in Vancouver, WA to service the Oregon market.

    December 2012

    Hanes Geo opened a location in Savannah, GA.

    November 2013

    Hanes Geo acquired A&R Geosynthetics out of Toronto, adding its first Canadian distribution center.

    Hanes Geo added a location in Manassas, VA.

    August 2014

    Hanes Geo acquired Erotex to service the Wisconsin and Illinois markets.

    August 2016

    Hanes Geo acquired Hill Country Site Supply, adding two additional locations in Texas and entering the CMP pipe market.

    November 2016

    Hanes Geo added a location in St. Peters, MO.

    January 2017

    Hanes Geo acquired TerraFix out of Toronto, adding Geosynthetic Clay Liner manufacturing, expanding its network in eastern Canada, and adding a Canadian liner installation company to its brand.

    May 2018

    Hanes Geo acquired DDD Environmental in southwestern Georgia.

    September 2018

    Hanes Geo acquired Greenscapes out of northeastern Georgia, entering the retail market space.

    December 2019

    Hanes Geo acquired JMD Company, adding six warehouses in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia region.

    The 2020s

    October 2022

    Hanes Geo acquired Geosynthetic Systems in Ottawa.

    December 2022

    Hanes Geo acquired Nilex, expanding its presence in western Canada and strengthening its position in Utah and Colorado.

    January 2023

    Hanes Geo added a location in Rocklin, CA to service the northern California market.